Ever wondered if there was anyone you knew headed to a city or town you wanted to go to? Ever wondered if there was anyone you knew who wanted a lift to the same town you were heading to? With goLiftApp you’ll never have to wonder again. Simply offer a lift or request a lift and let goLiftApp do the rest. You’ll be notified when a match is found for your offer or request.

You can choose to filter your search to only your Facebook friends or if you’re the more adventurous type you can filter it to show results for the general public. You should never have to stand at hiking spots all day hoping for someone to stop. goLiftApp currently works for practically every African city and town.


The app allows the public to login using their Facebook account. Once logged in, you can offer a lift or request a lift. When offering or requesting you have to select certain parameters. The parameters required are: Departure city/town, Arrival city/town, Date and time of travel, Filter, Number of seats offered/required. The app will automatically find you a match. Once a match is found you can both confirm and finalise your lift offer or you can accept their lift offer.

From there you are automatically placed in a group chat where the finer details and logistics can be discussed and agreed. You can even automatically send your GPS location in the cache for the driver to pick you up. If your search doesn’t give you an immediate result, the app will send you a push notification at a later stage as soon a match is discovered. So, need a lift? Want to offer a lift? Use goLiftApp, a match made in heaven on the road.


Offer a lift or Request a lift.

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